We get your financial message across

You spend a lot of time and energy fine-tuning and tailoring your written client communication. As a financial professional, you want your clients to know that you’re an expert in your field and that they can trust your professional judgement. You only want the best for your clients.

But what if one of your clients asks to receive a report or correspond with you in a language you’re not proficient at? You know that financial matters can be complex and that miscommunications, inaccuracies or errors can cost a business dearly.

How do you make sure that a translated message in a foreign language:
• Complies with generally accepted financial terminology?
• Communicates your message effectively and clearly?
• Reflects your professionalism?

We can help. At BB&TW Financial Language Services, we specialise in financial translations. We bring over two decades’ worth of financial experience to our work and have been appointed as preferred supplier to several leading banks, insurance companies, accounting firms and financial institutions in the Netherlands as well as to a number of multinationals.

Our background is in finance and so is that of our freelance translators. Our business philosophy is based on service, quality and teamwork, combined with efficient and timely delivery.
We know that you can’t afford to let a poor translation tarnish your image. And we won’t let that happen. We have the right linguistic and financial knowledge to showcase your skills and expertise to your foreign clients.
Put your clients first and let us help you get your financial message across!